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North Korean Prisoner Released in a Coma

I can't help feeling so sad for the poor parents of Otto Warmbier who is being medevaced back to the U.S. in a coma after serving months in prison in North Korea.

For stealing a propaganda poster from a hotel, this Virginia college student was arrested and sentenced to 15 years of prison by the North Korean regime.

What some people in the U.S. don't realize is that if you go against the U.S. government travel restrictions, you are basically on your own. You cannot depend on the U.S. government to successfully negotiate your release, especially if it's a country that has no diplomatic relationship with the U.S.

His pleas for clemency fell on deaf ears.

He begged the regime to forgive him and to show some mercy. And now he's returning to the U.S. in a serious coma.

The situation shows how careful we must be before venturing to places where you are facing possible internment for minor offenses. Two young Chinese people were killed in Pakistan for promoting Christianity in the Muslim country in an area where radical Islamist terrorists are known to exist. China couldn't prevent their death and now they are venturing into a large infrastructure project where thousands of Chinese will be working in Pakistan.

The world is dangerous. As we want to venture to explore new cultures and countries, the warnings from the State Department should be heeded. We shouldn't take unnecessary risks.

Meanwhile, we can send our best wishes and prayers for the recovery of Mr. Warmbier.

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