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Monday good to me.....

I'm a news junkie - for real - addicted to reading every bit of news I can get my hands on every day. I read the Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, USA Today, glance at the Daily News and NY Post, read The Economist and watch CNN and PBS in addition to listening to NPR and some Fox when I have time.

The daily news has become a way for news journalists to project their opinions onto the news and to ask the most insipid questions of their guests, repeating the same line of questioning over and over. How many times can you hear about Russia, Comey, Trumps's stupid tweets or Climate Change?

What about what is happening in Europe, Africa, Asia, the fact that we're still in Afghanistan, and the Middle East? What about science and medical news? It rarely makes it to the major cable or broadcast stations.

The only time the news focuses on other countries is if there's a terrorist attack, like what just happened in London. Then those stories linger for days as though there's nothing else happening anywhere else.

It's Monday. I am going to stop complaining now. Promise.


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